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(SEO) Search Engine Optimization


Where do you want your business to be in 6 months and 1 year? Are you a large company looking to dominate your market? Are you a business that wants to expand its customer base nationwide or even worldwide? Are you a small business that needs to grow or even stay afloat because your customers are going your competitors?


To reach your goals you MUST be ranked on the top spots that your customers will visit! Contact Us to see how we will together reach your goals.


How long does it take to rank high and enjoy the ROI?
We can give you some estimates based on our research which pretty much evaluates the competition. We have seen results in as little as 3 weeks to 6 months. Some of our extremely competitive keyword selections could take a year.


SEO delivers the best bang for your buck!

Business owners and CEO's have gotten more and more frugal with their marketing budgets while tracking which methods are successful and which are not. With SEO it allows companies to track their traffic and sales easier that past marketing and advertising techniques. With SEO, your customers are ready to buy when looking for you which put your sales team in the driver’s seat making each lead a higher chance for the sale!


Most companies cut their normal advertising budget in half to reap the benefits of high rankings and a huge ROI. On average our clients have gained a 500% to 5000% ROI making them more money and paying less out for ads. Why pay for conventional advertising that will soon disappear when you can rank high, reap the ROI, pay less and dominate your market? SEO & Internet Marketing of CT will get you to where you need to be!


Our standards are as high as our rankings!

We are an ethical search engine and internet marketing firm with the expertise, knowledge and proven success rate that consistently provides results. This type of marketing involves thorough ongoing research, analysis, development, planning and reporting. What are most commonly missed in this field is common-(business) sense and the ability to relate to business owner’s needs. These unique combinations of traits are what make us different and are what we are very proud of.


SEO & Internet Marketing of CT delivers a Big ROI by Significantly driving more targeted traffic to your website!

Initially, we will meet to understand what your expectations are and explain how we will get you to reach your goals. If we feel we can work well together then we will gain as much information about you and your business as possible which will be crucial to your success and ROI! We develop our strategic plan and get right to work on it informing you about the progress along the way.


How do we do it?

Well, that is our "secret sauce" however; below we explain some of the strategies we may use to get your website ranked #1!

About SEO

If you hire 5 SEO Firms you may likely find very similar methods are being used. Just like anything else, if you devote thousands of hours educating yourself and testing techniques you could probably do it yourself. However, that could result in more harm than good, very quickly! There are many methods you may find that are against the policies of search engines which may result in banning your website! Also, just like any service type business, you want to make sure that the firm you hire consistently stays with the trends of these policies.

There are different plans for each organization based on all the significant changes that need to be made in order to achieve their desired result. Because of the custom nature of SEO, there is no Cookie-Cutter solution. If you find that an SEO Company has different "Packages" than be warned!


SEO and Search Engines

The major search engines have a computer program called a web crawler that makes a full evaluation of websites over the internet. Search engines have a job to provide to its users, to give a relevant referral. The technology is extremely advanced it can tell if a website is relevant and can tell if a website is trying to fool it for high rankings. Knowing what it likes to see and what it doesn't can determine whether you rank high or are banned for good! Their specific standards must always be considered during optimization.


Your Website Page Text Styles

Like the rest of the content in your website the style of text can either benefit you or you may be penalized for it. Knowing when to bold, caps, italic and underline your text will help your rankings as well!


Your URL's in Search Engines

Your placement in the major search engines will boost your rankings. However, a proportionate amount of other websites linking to yours is just as important. You can be penalized if you are on several search engines who share the same database. You need to know all of a website’s analytical information to see if it is even worth being listed on their website or if it will hurt you. It is worth the extra time to analyze the important factors before rushing into tons of links to your website. The wrong configurations will destroy your rankings! You may also have the options to choose different Titles, Descriptions and Keywords in search engines and in link building campaigns. This is such a powerful technique when done properly. There are a wide range of factors which is constantly changing such as the amount of text used, text type, phrases used, on page significance and relevance, the list is long. You will be judged on every single factor; one of the most powerful factors can put you on top or ban you forever if you make the wrong moves! Be careful!


DO NOT CHEAT or Spoof the Search Engines!

Your parents say not to lie, your teachers taught you high ethical standards, and so will we! We are looking for good, honest companies looking to make some real advances in their profits, ethically. If you try and cheat, you WILL be caught! Do the right things, the right way and you will prosper!

Your Website Content

Search engines know if you have quality content in your website or if you've saturated it with keywords in an attempt to fool it. Knowing the delicate balance will either rank your business high or put your website underneath your competition. You must never skip quality content, but also never saturate your content with keyword repetition. A poorly designed site may have false meta tags and hidden text in various ways. We've seen it all and I've also seen website ripped right off of search engines to never return. Quality content is key!


Your Website Page Titles

Search engines can weigh this code in your favor as long as it is in good practice and not solely targeted for SEO but targeted with the carefully configured content and tags. There are several rules to follow regarding this powerful code, do not break any of them or you will be penalized and left wondering why.


Your Website Page Keywords

Selecting keywords are different based on the type of business you are in, each page on your website should hold keywords for its promotion. The right amount is carefully chosen based on the web pages content on that page, not too much, not too few. We help you choose which keywords are best through our research.


Your Website Heading Tags

Headings, heading tags and H1 tags tell search engines why they are there and can give a boost to keywords if chosen wisely.


Your Website URL Content

Naming your URL's in proportion to its contents holds greater for some search engines than others yet still needs to be considered appropriately based on their individual policies in order to be effective.


Your Meta Tags

The meta tags for your website must be carefully chosen based on several factors such as combined content, content per page, titles chosen per page, etc. Choose tags that agree with your website in the right place with the right wording and repetition when necessary. It is quite a significant and careful process to benefit you, or as you may guess, will hurt you.


Your Website Images

Optimization includes all factors, even your images. Your image size, location, choice, alt text, text inside and around your images are all bound to significance to your rankings. Yes, a lot of consideration and rules to boost your rankings must be applied. Make the right decisions and your website will be looked at as a higher quality website, make the wrong ones and the search engine will know you are trying to fool it and this will hurt you!


There are many other significant factors not listed here!

If you have read this far than you understand there are several significant factors to ranking high. These are just the basics! We certainly aren't going to give away the "secret sauce" because we believe you need us. We are eager to help you and to work together to reach your goals, that’s what we love! If all this sounds puzzling then you need to hire a professional that knows the rules to play the game. We know what to do, when to do it and even when to make changes based on current policies. Contact Us today to dominate your industry.

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